Proceedings of the Middle East Economic Association

2006 Proceedings of the Middle East Economic Association

Selected condensed papers presented in the 26th annual meeting of MEEA in Boston, MA, January 6-8, 2006

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Editorial Advisory Board for Volume 8
Parvin Alizadeh, London Guildhall University
Sohrab Behdad, Denison University
Jacques Charmes, University of Versailles
Guzin Erlat, Middle East Technical University
Hadi Esfahani, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Hassan Hakimian, City University of London
Fatemeh Moghadam, Hofstra University
Jeffrey Nugent, University of Southern California
Edward Sayre, Agnes Scott College
Wassim Shahin, Lebanese American University
Contents - Volume 8
Extreme Observations in the MENA Stock Markets and Their Implication for VAR Measures
Ata Assaf, University of Windsor
Output, the Real Exchange Rate, and the Crises in Turkey
Oya Pinar Ardic, Bogazici University
Openness and Regional Distribution of Turkish Manufacturing Industries
Fatma Dogruel and A. Suut Dogruel, Marmara University
Risk Analysis of the Government Domestic Debt Stock in Turkey: Cost-At-Risk Approach
H. Burcu Gurcihan, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
The Appropriate Monetary Policy Coordination for the GCC Monetary Union
Bassem Kamar and Damyana Bakardzhieva, International University of Monaco
Determinants and Impact on the Turkish Economy of Remittances
Nazli Elif Köksal, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Services Liberalization and the Role of Natural Resources
Hatem Samman, and Sheikh Shahnawaz, Saudi Telecommunications Company, Monterey Institute of International Studies
Absolute Convergence of the Regions and Provinces of Turkey
Haluk Erlat and Pelin Ozkan, Middle East Technical University
Trade Liberalisation with Trade Induced Technical Change in Morocco and Egypt
David Evans, Michael Gasiorek, Sherman Robinson, University of Sussex, and Scott McDonald, University of Sheffield
Pricing Risk, Oil and Financial Factors in Saudi Sector Index Returns
Shawkat Hammoudeh, Drexel University, and Salim Al-Gudhea, Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency

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