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2011 Proceedings of the Middle East Economic Association

Selected papers presented in the
31th International Conference of MEEA in Denver, CO, January 7-9, 2011 and in the Ninth International Summer Conference Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, June 24-26, 2010

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Eunmi Choi, Loyola University Chicago

Editorial Advisory Board for Volume 13
Hassan Aly, Ohio State University and African Development Bank
Sohrab Behdad, Denison University
Fatma Dogruel, Marmara University
Guzin Erlat, Middle East Technical University
Hadi Esfahani, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Nathalie Hilmi, Centre Scientifique de Monaco
Bassem Kamar, International University of Monaco
Fatemeh Moghadam, Hofstra University
Jeffrey Nugent, University of Southern California
Serdar Sayan, TOBB University
Edward Sayre, University of Southern Mississippi
Mehmet Tosun, University of Nevada, Reno
Tarik M. Yousef, Dubai School of Government and Georgetown University
Topics in Middle Eastern and North African Economies - Volume 13
Current Global Financial Crisis
Dr. M. Ibrahim Turhan, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of the Republic Of Turkey
Invited Speaker, Opening Ceremony, Istanbul 2010
Convergence of North African Countries to the Level of Southern Europe Income: An Empirical Evaluation
Meriem Djennas, University of Amiens, France, Mohamed BenBouziane,University of Tlemcen, Algeria and Mustapha Djennas, University of Amiens, France
Economic Growth with Unlimited Supplies of Labor: Theory and Some Evidence from the GCC
Tarek Coury, Dubai School of Goverment and Mohamed Lahouel, University of Texas
Growth Potential of Tourism Taxation in Maldives
Fazeel Najeeb, Governor of the Maldives Monetary Authority and Mehmet S. Tosun, University of Nevada, Reno
Mediterranean Countries’ Potential Vulnerability to Ocean Acidification
Nathalie Hilmi, IAEA Environment Laboratories, Monaco, Alain Safa, University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis CEMAFI, France
Neighbors Make a Difference: Mixed Strategies for Resolving Conflicts in Middle East and North Africa
Mine Cinar, Loyola University Chicago, Robert Lapointe, Loyola University Chicago, Timothy Nelson, Loyola University Chicago
Property Rights Protection and FDI Flows: The MENA Experience
Wasseem Mina, UAE University
Parametric Social Security Reforms and Saving: Evidence from Turkey
Yigit Aydede, Saint Mary's University
Revolt on the Nile: Economic Shocks, Religion and Political Influence
Eric Chaney, Harvard University
Sectoral Composition and Unemployment in Turkey
Fatma Dogruel, Marmara University and Yasemin Ozerkek, Marmara University
Trade Liberalization and Export Diversification in Selected MENA Countries
Suut Dogruel, Marmara University and Mahmut Tekce, Marmara University
Tribal Diversity, Political Patronage and the Yemeni Decentralization Experiment
Daniel Egel, University of California-Berkeley
Effects of Discretionary Fiscal Policy in Tunisia: A SVAR Model Investigation
Sarra Ben Slimane, Moez Ben Tahar


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