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2010 Proceedings of the Middle East Economic Association

Selected papers presented in the
30th International Conference of MEEA in Atlanta, GA, January 3-6, 2010 and in the
Eighth International Summer Conference of MEEA, University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis, France, March 18-20, 2010.

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E. Mine Cinar, Loyola University Chicago

Guest Editors Nathalie Hilmi, Centre Scientifique de Monaco and Alain Safa, University of Nice, Sophia Antipolis

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Wenqing (Michelle) Ying, Loyola University Chicago

Editorial Advisory Board for Volume 12
Hassan Aly, Ohio State University and African Development Bank
Sohrab Behdad, Denison University
Fatma Dogruel, Marmara University
Guzin Erlat, Middle East Technical University
Hadi Esfahani, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Nathalie Hilmi, Centre Scientifique de Monaco
Bassem Kamar, IMF
Fatemeh Moghadam, Hofstra University
Jeffrey Nugent, University of Southern California
Serdar Sayan, TOBB University
Edward Sayre, University of Southern Mississippi
Mehmet Tosun, University of Nevada, Reno
Tarik M. Yousef, Dubai School of Government and Georgetown University
Topics in Middle Eastern and North African Economies - Volume 12
The Economic and Financial Policies to Fight against Climate Change: The Case of Maghreb
HILMI Nathalie, Centre scientifique de Monaco; SAFA Alain, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
Banking in the Middle East Revisited Amid Turbulence in Financial Markets: the Case of Egypt
Mine Cinar and Joseph Poulous, Loyola University Chicago
Politics, Foreign Reserves and the Exchange-Rate-Based-Stabilization-Policy: The Lebanese Case
Kassim M. Dakhlallah, American University in Dubai
On the Dynamics of the Business Environment
A. Suut DOGRUEL, Marmara University; Can Karahasan, Istanbul Bilgi University
Historical Origins of Inter-Religion Differences: Evidence from 19th and 20th Century Egypt
Mohamed Saleh, University of Southern California
Determinants of Consumer Confidence in Emerging Economies: A Panel Cointegration Analysis
Sadullah Celik, Erhan Aslanoglu and Seda Uzun, Marmara University
Saving Investment Association in Turkey
Huseyin Kaya, Bahcesehir University
The Causal Relation between Savings and Economic Growth: Some Evidence from MENA Countries
Bassam AbuAl-Foul, American University of Sharjah
Changes in Exchange Rates and the Performance of the Manufacturing Sectors in Turkey
A. Suut DOGRUEL and Fatma DOGRUEL, Marmara University; Umit IZMEN, Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TUSIAD)
On the liquidity effect in Algeria and Morocco: An empirical investigation
Mohamed Benbouziane and Abdelhak Benamar, Tlemcen University
Oil, Labor Markets, and Economic Diversification in the GCC: An Empirical Assessment
Tarek Coury, Dubai School of Government; Chetan Dave, University of Texas
Formal versus Informal Labor Market Segmentation in Turkey in the Course of Market Liberalization
Erdal Aydin, Tillburg University and the Center of Economic Research, Tillburg, the Netherlands; Mehtap Hisarciklilar and Ipek Ilkkaracan, Istanbul Technical University
Sustainability of the Turkish PAYGO System's Generosity in People's Eyes
Yigit Aydede, Saint Mary's University, Canada
Lobbying and Growth: Explaining Differences among OECD Countries
Mehmet Babacan, Marmara University and Istanbul Commerce University
The Relationship between Consumer Confidence and Financial Market: Variables in Turkey during the Global Crisis
Sadullah Celik, Erhan Aslanoglu and Seda Uzun, Marmara University
Inquiry Into Income Convergence in MENA Countries: A Neural Network Approach
Majid Sameti, Shekoofeh Farahmand and Kayhan Koleyni, University of Khorasgan (Isfahan)
Explaining the Dearth of FDI in the Middle East
Sarkis Joseph Khoury, University of California - Riverside; Eva Wagner, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

E. Mine Cinar / Economics, School of Business Administration / Loyola University Chicago

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