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2009 Proceedings of the Middle East Economic Association

Selected papers presented in the
29th International Conference of MEEA in San Francisco, CA, January 2-5, 2009 and in the
Seventh International Summer Conference of MEEA, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, North Cyprus, May 29-31, 2008.

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Nina (Chun-Chi) Hsu, Loyola University Chicago

Editorial Advisory Board for Volume 11
Parvin Alizadeh, London Guildhall University
Hassan Aly, Ohio State University
Adel Boughrara, University of Sousse
Sohrab Behdad, Denison University
Guzin Erlat, Middle East Technical University
Hadi Esfahani, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Hassan Hakimian, City University of London
Fatemeh Moghadam, Hofstra University
Jeffrey Nugent, University of Southern California
Edward Sayre, University of Southern Mississippi
Serdar Sayan, TOBB University
Wassim Shahin, Lebanese American University
Tarik M. Yousef, Dubai School of Government and Georgetown University
Topics in Middle Eastern and North African Economies - Volume 11
Convergence Between the Business Cycles of New European Member States and the "Euro" Business Cycle
Alain Safa, University of Nice; Marie-Jose Rinaldi-Larribe, International University of Monaco; Nathalie Hilmi, Hedge Funds Research Institute, Monaco
Measuring Fiscal Sustainablility for Practical Use in Short-Term Policy Making
Arda Aktas, Marmara University and Mehmet Emre Tiftik, University of Maryland, College Park
Determinants of Turkish FDI Abroad
Saime Kayam and Mehtap Hisarciklilar, Istanbul Technical University
Decomposing the Marginal Intra-Industry Trade Index as a Measure of Changes in Trade Patterns and Its Application to the MENA Countries
Guzin Erlat and Haluk Erlat, Middle East Technical University
Shifts in Persistence in the Turkish Real Exchange Rates
Haluk Erlat, Middle East Technical University
Bilateral Trade Flows of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries: a New Approach to Gravity Model
Aysu Insel and Mahmut Tekce, Marmara University
Expected Social Security Wealth Simulations and Generational Fairness of the Turkish PAYG System
Yigit Aydede, Saint Mary's University
Households Poverty and Water Linkages: Evidence from Algeria
Samir B.E. MALIKI and Abderrezak BENHABIB, University Abou Bekr Belkaid Tlemcen, Algeria; Jacques CHARMES, DSS, Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement , France
Darfur: Rainfall and Conflict
Micheal Kevane and Leslie Gray, Santa Clara University 
When the Twain Shall Meet: Middle East Area Studies and the Discipline of Economics
Karen Pfeifer, Smith College
Macroeconomic Implications of Remittances in MENA and Mediterranean Countries
Claude BERTHOMIEU and Anna TYKHONENKO, University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis, FRANCE
Middle Eastern Assimilation, Migration and Trade to Europe and North America
Hisham Foad, San Diego State University
Role of the Middle Eastern Sovereign Wealth Funds in the Current Global Financial Crisis
Tayyeb Shabbir, California State University Dominguez Hills
How Oil Revenues Have Translated into a Sustainable Improvement in Social Welfare in Algeria: 1998-2007
Zine Med. BARKA, University of Tlemcen - Algeria
The Role of Foreign Direct Investment for Economic Development in the MENA Region
Simon Neaime and Marcus Marktanner, American University of Beirut
Trapped by Consociationalism: the Case of Lebanon
Samir Makdisi and Marcus Marktanner, American University of Beirut

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